Interview in Paris 2008.02.07

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Interview in Paris 2008.02.07

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Nippon Project met girugämesh in Paris for their first European tour. A few minutes before their show, ShuU and Nii took some time to answer our questions. They said some words in German, then in French and even Italian to relax the atmosphere.

How were your concerts in Germany? ShuU wrote on your myspace that there were some technical problems.
ShuU : On the first day, we had some technical difficulties and troubles on stage. Some amps broke up, but the show itself was really enjoyable and the fans were great. Yesterday in Bochum, it was perfect. There were no technical difficulties, no trouble, and everything went fine. Brilliant show. We're really looking forward to playing tonight.

How long did you take to write and record your new album, « girugämesh »?
ShuU: It took six months to record the new album.

What are the principal themes of this new album ?
ShuU : We just wanted to give our best. We weren't thinking about money. We're not greedy.

About your last PV, Kowarete iku Sekai, can you explain the story and who got the idea?
ShuU: The concept is that if you think about love, you can live forever. The idea came mainly from Satoshi and the director together.

Do you plan to release a live DVD soon?
ShuU: People from all over the world would like that. We think about it, but you know, we've already released one... In Japan ! laugh

What are you expecting from the French audience for tonight?
ShuU: We will give our best. Wherever we are, it doesn't matter if we have French or German fans. We want our fans as well as the band to really enjoy the concert.

Are there some songs that are more difficult to play live?
ShuU : We already rehearsed a lot in Japan. Most of the songs were written and meant for being played live. There is really no song that we think is difficult to play on stage.

You have had concerts in the United States and Europe. Is there a place where you haven't already been but would like to perform?
Nii: *speaks all of a sudden* If we have fans, we want to go anywhere.
ShuU: *short thinking time* Egypt. laughs Pyramid Live.

Why not?
ShuU: with the mummy

Now that you have an international career, do you plan to sing in English ?
ShuU : It depends on the situation. If Satoshi wants to write in English, then he will do it. If not, he'll write in Japanese or maybe mix the languages. It depends on how he wants to express his feelings.

What was your dream when you started girugämesh and did you fulfill it yet ?
ShuU, Nii: Music *laugh*
ShuU: When we started girugämesh, we were sixteen or seventeen years old in high school. We had big goals: perform at a TV station and do a worldwide tour. We havn't reached that goal yet but we are on the way.

Who was your idol when you were a teenager?
ShuU, Nii: Idol?!?

The translator explains the question in Japanese
ShuU: I actually didn't have one person that I could respect as a whole, as an idol. I had some people whom I could respect but not their entire personality. Only one side of their personality. I started to hope that I could be that kind of person who you could think, "I want to be like him."
Nii : *adds after thinking for some time* If it's about one person, it's the Limp Bizkit guitarist.

The last question : What do you think about Internet downloads ?
ShuU : It has both negative and positive sides. We don't think it's a bad means to get music downloaded because sometimes it's a really good promotion for fans and if you really like the music after listening to some mp3s, you'll definitely buy a real CD. So we don't think it's a bad thing. It actually doesn't matter.

Can you do an autograph for your fans ?

©️This interview was held by Shu and mikki for Nippon Project.

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