Interview 15.05.2009 Bochum

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Interview 15.05.2009 Bochum

Mesaj  KuroMantra la data de Dum Iun 14, 2009 10:16 pm

This year, girugämesh came to Europe for their second European tour, visiting our continent for the fourth time. In Bochum, both Satoshi and Яyo took some time to sit down with us and answer our arsenal of words.
We would like to thank Satoshi and Яyo once more for this. Furthermore we would also like to thank Gan-Shin and girugämesh’s translator Masa.

Since the interview was conducted in German, the alphabet is not complete in English and we have also decided to leave the question in the same order as in the original text.

Alltag (Everyday life) - What represents everyday’s life to you?
Яyo: To compose music.
Satoshi: For me, it’s standing in the karaoke box, singing by myself.

Boom - What’s your current “My Boom”?
Satoshi: Playstation 4, eh 3!
Яyo: My Boom… What’s it at the moment… hm… I’m collecting game consoles, like Nintendo DS, PSP, Wii etc.

Charakter (Character) - Describe your own character with a positive as well as a negative word.
Satoshi: In my case, both the positive as well as the negative are the same: I’m an idiot.
Яyo: As a positive point I’d say that I’m friendly and the negative would be that I always forget everything very fast.

Drogen (Drugs) - What’s your personal drug?
Яyo: Cigarettes!
Satoshi: Natto… (OH MY FUCK--)

Eitelkeit (Vanity) - How long do you need to get dressed in the morning?
Both: 60 minutes.

Fussball (Soccer) - Do you watch soccer?
Яyo: No, I don’t really like soccer.
Satoshi: I’m not really interested in it.

Geister (Ghosts) - Have you had any experience with ghosts?
Both: Nope.

Horrorfilme (Horror movies) - Which ones do you recommend?
Satoshi: I recommend “The Return of the Living Dead”.
Яyo: The Ring!

Invasion - Which country would you like to invade and why?
Яyo: Hm… Germany.
Satoshi: Yeah, Germany.
Яyo: I’d first conquer each German state one by one until I’d have all complete.
Satoshi: And after that, I’d implement a no-smoking-rule throughout Germany.

Junk-Food - Without which couldn’t you live?
Satoshi: I like junk-food. But if I could only eat one type of it, it’d be the Big Mac.
Яyo: Me too, I’d choose hamburgers as well.

Karriere (Career) - What does “career” mean to you?
Яyo: Gaining experience.
Satoshi: If you continue following your goals unabated - if you’re being a nerd in a positive way.

Kulturschock (Culture Shock) - What surprised you overseas?
Яyo: I was surprised that the sky’s still this bright in the evening.
Satoshi: That women here shave their private parts. (laughs) (WHAT THE.. X_X)

Lästig (Bothersome) - What bothers you?
Both: That travelling by airplane to Europe takes so much time! It takes twelve hours to get here.

Laster (Vice) - What’s your vice?
Яyo: Cigarettes. (points at the packet)
Satoshi: hm... I put on weight very quickly but unfortunately I still like eating very much and also eat a lot.

Motto - What’s your motto?
Satoshi: To live my life the way that I’m always doing what I want to - Eating, sleeping and fucking.
NP: The fans will laugh when reading that.
(Everybody’s laughing.)

Яyo: hm… (a bit embarassed) I don’t have any idea as to what I should answer here…

MUSIC - Describe your latest album with three words.
Both: Power, digital, catchy.

Nintendo - What was your favourite game as a child?
Яyo: That was Super Mario!
Satoshi: Mario Paint. That’s a game in which you draw pictures.

Olympiade (Olympic Games) - In which discipline would you start?
Яyo: Shotput.
Satoshi: In the bobsled races, at the winter games.

Phobien (Phobias) - What are you afraid of?
Satoshi: I have acrophobia.
Яyo: I’m afraid of not having any money.

Quälgeist (Nuisance) - What’s getting on your nerves?
Satoshi: (points at Яyo’s packet of cigarettes) Cigarettes!
Яyo: When people are talking in a loud voice.

Reizen (Tempting) - What would you like to try?
Satoshi: Scuba diving.
Яyo: Riding on a horse.

Reue (Regret) - What do you regret?
Satoshi: I regret not having taken more cup-ramen with me.
Яyo: I never regret anything.

Sandkastenliebe (Puppy Love) - Who was your first love?
Яyo: Sailormoon!
NP: Wich one? There were quite a lot of them…
Яyo: The one with the blue hairs... Ami-chan... Sailor Mercury.
Satoshi: Who was that... Ah, in my case it was Bulma from Dragonball.

Treue (Faithfulness) - How do you manage to stay true to yourself despite of the fame you’re gaining.
Satoshi: (answers with a proverb) “Never forget where you have come from.”
Яyo: I agree with that one.

UFOs - Do you believe in them?
Satoshi: Yeah, I do.
Яyo: No, I don’t.
NP: Why not?
(Яyo tells a long rigmarole as to why he doesn’t, to realise that he had heard something entirely different after which everybody laughs.)
Яyo: Oh no, I do believe in UFOs.

Versus - Against whom of the members would you want to fight because you know that you’d win?
Satoshi: Against Nii, he’s weak.
Яyo: I’d take all of them.
(Everybody laughs.)

Witze (Jokes) - Tell us something funny.
(Satoshi giggles)
Яyo: I’m married.
Satoshi: I’m gay. (roars with laughter) (we already knew that)

X-Men - Which ability would you want to have?
Satoshi: We already have a Cyclops, don’t we? (Everybody laughs.) Shuu looks like that now.
Яyo: Wolverine. (Immitates how Wolverine extends his adamantium claws.)
Satoshi: I want to be Storm and be able to control the weather.

Yes we can! - What do you want to be able to do?
(Everybody laughs loudly.)
Яyo: What could we do... (laughs evilly) wage a war.
Satoshi: eh… oh… (laughes) Forcing everybody to stop smoking!

Zoo - Which animal in the zoo would you want to be?
Яyo: I’d be a lion, he’s the king of the animals.
Satoshi: A penguin - The pool, which they have, always looks like it’s chilly and agreeable.


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Re: Interview 15.05.2009 Bochum

Mesaj  Zaki la data de Lun Iun 15, 2009 1:36 am

yeah ce'mi place raspunsul lu' Sato la intrebarea aia cu motto-ul
si mi imi plac Nintendo-urile
si sunt la fel de uituca [,] ca si Ryo


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